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Financial Wellness

At Voyage, we take great pride in working with our clients to pursue financial wellness. But, exactly what is financial wellness? We’ve found that if you ask six different people what “financial wellness” means to them, you likely will get six different answers.

Our experience, however, suggests that financial wellness means these things to most people:

  • It is a state of financial well-being where a client has achieved:
    • Minimal financial stress
    • A strong financial foundation consisting of little or no debt
    • An ongoing plan that puts he or she on track to reach future financial goals
  • Some of our clients also view financial wellness as:
    • Satisfaction/contentment with their current financial status
    • Self-sufficiency
    • Having confidence in the ability to make informed financial decisions
  • Other clients define it as:
    • Following a budget or personal spending plan
    • Spending less than they earn each month
    • Actively saving for goals such as retirement, emergencies, and major purchases
    • Setting and reviewing financial life goals on a regular basis

At Voyage, we know that financial wellness consists of both objective and subjective measures.

  • This is important because clients may feel good about their finances, but the reality of their net worth statements, retirement savings, or an unbiased view of their debt inventory may tell a different story.
  • Similarly, it is also possible to be in excellent shape financially but lack the confidence to appreciate and enjoy wealth.

The fact is, financial wellness means different things to different people and that usually has to do with their situation, ambition and abilities.

At Voyage, it’s our job to understand this about each of our clients and help them pursue financial wellness, however they define it.

Here are some links we recommend to help you pursue your personal financial wellness. But, make no mistake, the best advice you receive will be from a Voyage Financial professional.

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